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toddler bedding

It goes without saying that you need the right baby bedding in order for your infant or toddler to have their best night’s sleep. Regardless of your baby’s sleeping arrangements or special needs (are they a kicker or do they run warm, for example?), baby deedee has the ideal baby bedding solution.

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toddler quilt - baby deedee toddler blankets

baby deedee’s toddler quilt is one of the few oversized toddler blankets on the market. It has dimensions of 39×52”, ensuring that the entire crib will be covered in bedding. It’s also great for use as a baby playmat, so your playful baby will appreciate it as much as you will while sleeping and awake! Matching baby sleep sheets and pillowcases are available. Our toddler quilt also comes in three cool colors.

baby fitted crib sheet - baby deedee sleep sheets

Our fitted crib/toddler bed sheets are made from beautiful Indian cotton, and they’re roomy enough to cover standard size crib mattresses up to 8” high. Featuring stunning bi-color styles with hot pink and lime colors, you can replace the visual effect of a crib bumper without the worrying! Your baby sleeping comfortably and remaining safe is what baby deedee’s baby sleep sheets are made for!

baby bedding sets

baby deedee’s baby bedding sets are the perfect gift for parents who want to add a modern aesthetic to their baby’s nursery. Soft, comfortable, and non-irritating for your baby, they offer an extra soothing night’s sleep. Our baby bedding sets are designed to be easy to keep clean and fit.

baby sleep pillows

Made of Indian cotton and available in standard sizes, baby deedee’s baby sleep pillows are where dreams are made and a restful night’s sleep is gained! These pillowcases are an original, fun, and comfortable addition to your toddler’s bedding. Super-soft and cozy, baby deedee’s baby sleep pillows are the perfect addition to your child’s crib.

baby deedee quilted baby blankie

Our quilted baby blanket is so soft that it will quickly become your baby’s favorite blankie. Made from the same high-quality and comfortable material as our baby sleepsies, these blankies are perfect for any home. Their 30×40″ inch measurements make the blankie a perfect size for use as a stroller blanket as well as a receiving blanket. baby deedee’s quilted baby blankie is even the ideal weight for fall and spring walks in the park with your sleeping baby!