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baby pajamas

sleepsie - it zips!

• so clever ! in-between-the-leg-zipper for easy diaper changes

• high quality fabrics, made in India 

• adorable knee and elbow pads

• one for every climate

• our footed version has non-skid soles for baby's first steps

At baby deedee, we believe that each and every child deserves a safe, warm, and comfortable sleep every night. Our baby pajamas are designed to provide your baby with the amount of warmth they need while ensuring that they don’t overheat. We offer several styles of pajamas at baby deedee, each of which can offer a soft, comfortable, sleep for your baby or toddler. Available are our sleepsie long sleeve, sleepsie quilted, sleepsie short sleeve, and sleepsie velours pajamas, all of which come in many brilliant colors and adorable patterns! Mommy and daddy can rest easy themselves knowing that baby is sleeping in soft and cozy pajamas.

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baby sleepsie quilted - warm baby footed pajamas

baby deedee’s warm footed pajamas are designed to keep babies warm, snug, and comfortable right down to their little toes! These one-piece, lightly quilted baby footie pajamas are warmer than the traditional cotton pajamas and are an ideal solution to keep your infants and toddlers warm and cozy while they sleep. Smart and cool, they come with our new easy-zip feature for quick diaper changes. Baby sleepsie quilted pajamas also utilize high-quality materials and features to protect your baby, including non-skid soles and high-quality YKK zippers. They are available in 5 sizes, from 3 months to 2T. Combine with a sleep nest or sleep nest lite to help baby sleep in chillier environments.

sleepsie long sleeve - footless romper pajamas

For pajamas with an ideal year-round weight for climate controlled homes, consider baby deedee’s sleepsie long sleeve footless romper pajamas! With cost-effective availability in 5 sizes (from 3-6 months to 2T), parents will love them as much as their babies will! These double-layered Indian jersey cotton baby pajamas include our easy-zip feature with a zipper between the legs for quick diaper changes. It’s designed to have a slightly tighter fit – that way we can avoid the use of potentially unsafe flame retardants normally required for looser baby sleepwear. They come in all sorts of beautiful color schemes and are easy to keep clean!

sleepsie short sleeve - one piece baby sleepwear

Our short sleeve footless one-piece baby sleepwear can be used in the summer or as a year-round option, layered with a long sleeve bodysuit. Available in 5 sizes (3-6 months to 2T) and featuring our signature easy-zip between-the-leg zipper for easy diaper changes, baby deedee’s one-piece baby sleepsie short sleeve pajamas are bursting with convenience and comfort! This is the ideal baby sleepwear solution for babies who run a tad warm.

sleepsie velours – long sleeve baby sleepwear with double-sided fabric

Available in our beautiful rainforest, sweet pea and dream catcher color variations, baby deedee’s sleepsie velours are our newest pajamas! With cozy sweatshirt material on the outside and a super-soft lining on the inside, you’ll find a hard time getting your baby to leave these jammies behind. Available in 5 sizes (3-6 months to 2T) and includes baby deedee easy-zip for quick diaper changes.