Sleep Nest Travel


A travel sleep nest for your baby's next outdoor adventure!

The baby deedee Sleep Nest Travel is our infant sleeping bag perfect for camping and family outdoor adventures. It's also our warmest option at TOG 3.5 with an ultralight warm duvet fabric. When used in the crib, it replaces potentially dangerous loose blankets.

This delightful sleep sack for babies and toddlers is also made from ultralight warm quilted polyester taffeta. We offer three weights in our sleep nest brand baby sleep sacks for infants and toddlers. The sleep nest is our winter-weight bag, which is our warmest bag, and intended to be worn over regular sleepwear. 

With its removable sleeves and flap for stroller buckle the Sleep Nest Travel is also perfect for around town or for camping. Recommended temperature 55-65°F, baby’s sleepwear should be adjusted accordingly.

Perfect For the Outdoors
Effortlessly transport your Sleep Nest Travel from naptime at home to the stroller on the go!

Removable Sleeves and Convenient Shoulder Straps
Ensure your baby remains comfortable in all environments with our removable sleeves. Snaps at the shoulder ensures a hassle-free way to place your baby inside, or take them out while they’re asleep. 

Buckle-Through Design
Place your baby easily in the stroller without waking them up. Simply pull the stroller buckle through the slit and secure your child in the stroller’s three-point harness. Or, take them out while keeping them snoozing peacefully.

With no loose blankets there to be kicked off, baby deedee's warm sleep nest helps ensure your baby is sleeping soundly in their blanket bag!

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