Baby Deedee Giveaway

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The baby deedee Sleep Nest Lite is an all year lightweight baby sleep bag for infants and toddlers 0-36 months. Our sleeping bags, also called baby slumber sacks are made from 2 layers of soft Indian cotton jersey. These sleep nests are perfect for Spring, Fall and warmer climates. Unique shoulder snaps and over-sized reverse zipper make it easy to place babies and toddlers into the sleep nest brand baby sleep sack, even while sleeping, in just 2 easy snaps. Cozy and soft, these cocoon shaped lightweight cotton sleeping sacks are comforting and will quickly become part of your baby’s bedtime routine. Baby deedee sleep nest lite for babies and toddlers is available in 3 sizes from 0-36 months.

1 winner will receive 1 sleep nest lite in his/her choice of size/color. Enter the giveaway below.