wearable blanket
baby deedee wearable blankets will keep your baby warm and cozy. Our sleep nest is quilted for cooler weather and our sleep nest lite is the perfect summer baby sleeping bag. Easy on and off! baby deedee shoulder snap and oversized reverse zipper make it so easy to place your sleeping baby in the sleep nest, even while asleep.
toddler sleep sack
early walker sleep sack
You will love the extra cozy sleep kicker!
Made from soft high quality fleece, it will
keep your child warm
through the night.
sleep blanket
the new baby deedee sleep quilt is all you need to keep your toddler covered all night long. No more
constraining top sheet. Just
use our toddler quilt over a
fitted sheet and voila! Oversized
39x52" dimensions.
100 pct cotton crib sheet
100% soft indian cotton sheets
and pillow cases.
pillow cover
baby pajamas
Quilted soft cotton keeps baby warm and cozy. Midnight diaper changes made simple with easy-zip feature. Sleepsies are irresistible with their non skid soles!
baby bedding
baby bedding