wearable baby blankets
baby wearable blanket

The ingenious jammy!

Quilted soft cotton keeps baby warm and cozy. Midnight diaper changes made simple with easy-zip feature.

Sleepsies are irresistible with their non-skid soles!

Product warmth: the sleepsie is quilted from a double layer of jersey cotton and has been designed to be used in colder weather. Breathable quilted cotton so baby won't overheat.

Shell: 100% cotton
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baby deedee

About the baby deedee sleep nest - baby wearable blanket

The baby deedee sleep nest is a sleep bag that keeps infants and toddlers warm and cozy while sleeping. Sleeping bags for babies, also called baby sleep sacks or wearable blankets, replace loose blankets in the crib and help babies stay warm throughout the night. They are intended to be worn over regular sleepwear. With no blankets to be kicked off, the baby deedee sleep sack helps ensure you and your baby get a restful night’s sleep!