baby deedee Sleep Nest Teddy Launches Just in Time for Winter Weather

Port Chester, NY, November 4, 2016 SNTD_ivory_baby

Susan Gerson
Susan Gerson PR

Parents can keep baby cozy – and safe – with baby deedee’s luxurious new faux-fur, winter-weight Sleep Nest Teddy, available just in time for winter weather!

The latest in baby deedee’s best-selling line of Sleep Nests, the Sleep Nest Teddy features:

  • Luxurious Faux Fur and Extra Layer of Quilted Warmth – baby deedee’s warmest sleep sack, the Sleep Nest Teddy features a winter-weight tog of 2.5. Worn over regular sleepwear, this extra-warm layer is designed to keep baby cozy napping during the day and sleeping all night long.
  • Clever Shoulder Straps and Extra Large Center Zipper – Our exclusive, patented shoulder straps and soundless zipper system makes it easy to place baby in the Sleep Nest, even when asleep. No more struggling to get hands through armholes!
  • Comforting Cocoon Shape – Unique cocoon shape provides a cozy environment and ensures that baby is always covered in the crib.
  • Cotton Interior – The Sleep Nest Teddy features a 100% cotton interior for maximum breathability that lets air circulate, keeping baby comfortable when napping and sleeping.

Three sizes – Designed to grow with your child, the Sleep Nest Teddy is available in small (0-6 months), medium (6-18 months), and large (18-36 months).

Three colors – The Sleep Nest Teddy is offered in pink, ivory, and blue.

In addition to keeping baby cozy and warm all winter-long, the baby deedee Sleep Nest Teddy is also a safer alternative than loose blankets and swaddling in the crib. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the use of wearable blankets over loose blankets and swadding, both of which represent a risk for SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. A wearable blanket, such as the baby deedee Sleep Nest Teddy, offers the same warmth, comfort, and routine as swaddling and loose blankets, without the unnecessary risks.

About the Sleep Nest Teddy:
The baby deedee Sleep Nest Teddy is a sleep bag that keeps infants and toddlers warm and cozy while sleeping. Sleeping bags for babies, also called baby sleep sacks or wearable blankets, replace loose blankets in the crib and help babies stay warm throughout the night. They are intended to be worn over regular sleepwear. With no blankets to be kicked off, the baby deedee sleep sack helps ensure parents and babies get a restful night’s sleep!
About baby deedee:
Inspired by the need for a cozy sleep solution for her infant son, and let’s be honest, more sleep for her too, Dominique de Bourgknecht left a successful career in finance to launch baby deedee in 2008. Today, Dominique’s best-selling line includes the best-selling Sleep Nest, as well as lighter-weight sleep sacks, Sleep Kicker wearable blankets, one-piece baby pajamas, the Baby Sleepsie footed pajamas, and toddler quilts, sheets, and blankets.
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