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Soft and adorable! More long and slim fitting, By Malinda Lammert

Soft and adorable! More long and slim fitting. My 15 mo is 20% in wt and 18-24 fits well but long. It’s easy to roll up so it will last through another warm season.


Feels like your favorite t-shirt!, By Rachael D.

I love these pajamas!! I’ve been using various baby deedee products for the last 6 months or so, and these are by far my favorite! I love the short sleeves and footless one piece now that summer has finally arrived in Colorado, but the best part is the material. It feels like your favorite t-shirt that just keeps getting softer and cozier with every wash. We have used our fair share of cheaper pjs (Carters, Old Navy, Gap, Gymboree, etc.) and none of them have held up as well as these do. I think I’ll be getting rid of all the cheap sets and just buy another pair of these. My son is 15 months old, so we are past the point of middle of the night diaper changes, but the zipper on the legs makes any diaper changes fairly painless. I’ll take any bit of extra help when it comes to changing a squirmy toddler!

Some people have commented that they are tight — we haven’t found them to be overly constricting at all. In fact, my son hangs out in them all morning long while playing and eating breakfast, and he has never seemed uncomfortable. We have found that they are easier to put on legs first, then pull up like pants, then put your kiddo’s arms through. My husband tried to do arms first and it was not easy. Legs first and you won’t have a problem.

baby footless pajamas

Baby deedee Sleepsie Lite cotton pajamas


Best baby pajamas out there!, By Mint

I love these pajamas, just as I needed. Short sleeves and with feet openings. It is soft like my favorite t-shirt, plus I like the fact that has in-between-the-leg zipper. Snug fit but stretchy material. I love baby deedee products for their mom-friendliness.. ordering next size soon.


the best sleep sacks on the market, By Sebastian

I love your sleep nests! They are the best sleep sacks on the market 🙂


Five Stars, By Stephanie Sterk

My baby can’t sleep without it on. It makes him feel so cozy.


Five Stars, By Megan Jacus

great product baby sleeps well in it


It was a great transition from the Merlin Magic Sleep Sack, By John Van Name

My daughter loves this cozy sleep bag! It was a great transition from the Merlin Magic Sleep Sack.


High-quality product that just makes life easy for the parent and pleasant for baby, By George

My daughter has been using the Sleep Nest since the day we got home from the hospital. She loves it, it’s warm enough for winter but breathes really well so that she’s not too hot and doesn’t sweat. The fabric is a really soft cotton, very pleasant to the touch and it washes well. Overall a well thought through, high-quality product that just makes life easy for the parent and pleasant for baby.


Five Stars, By Laura

Easy on/off. Zips toward bottom, so zipper away from chin/neck.


Comfortable and light, By Soja Sen

Comfortable and light sleepers. Not thrilled about the zipper right under the chin – but oh well. This works too.