Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sleep nest brand baby sleep sack?

The award winning sleep nest brand baby sleep sack, also called baby wearable blanket or slumber sack, to be used in place of loose blankets in the crib. Baby sleeping bags help baby stay warm throughout the night without any blankets that could be kicked off. They are intended to be worn over regular sleepwear.

Are sleep nest brand baby sleep sacks safe?

The American Academy of pediatrics recommends the use of wearable blankets. 

When used alone and without any other object in the crib, wearable blankets reduce the risk that a baby could become tangled up in any loose bedding. Please make sure that you purchase the correct size for your baby based on our sizing chart.

The safe sleeping practices for babies under the age of 1 years old on the AAP website include:

- baby should be placed to sleep on her back on a firm surface

- no loose bedding such as blankets or soft objects in the crib. Their website states that "A large percentage of infants who die of SIDS are found with their head covered by bedding. Therefore, no pillows, sheets, blankets, or any other items that could obstruct infant breathing or cause overheating should be in the bed. "

- breastfeeding your baby

- Do NOT share a bed with your baby

For a full list please refer to their detailed guidelines by clicking here.

Why is the baby deedee sleep nest different from other baby sleeping bag brands?

  • baby deedee is a trusted well established brand of baby sleep gear. We have been striving to help babies sleep better for over 10 years.
  • The baby deedee is easy to take on and off. Our patented center zipper and shoulder snap design make it easy to place a sleeping baby in the sleep nest without waking her. Our sleep nest video demonstrates this and many other features.The sleep nest brand baby sleep sack also has a large reverse zipper and zipper toggle that make it easy to put the baby sleeping bag on in a darker room. These features are much appreciated by over-tired moms and dads!
  • The baby deedee sleep nest goes up to 36 months, perfect sleeping sack for older babies who still sleep in a crib.
  • Our products are made in India from high quality fabrics. Many of sleep bags products are 100% cotton.
  • Our winter weight wearable blankets are quilted duvet material and breathable for maximum comfort. We regularly receive feedback from our customers saying that their babies started to sleep better once they purchased the sleep nest.

What should my baby wear under the sleep nest?

Some babies require fewer layers than others, but as a general guideline, we recommend using the sleep nest in a room with temperature ranging from 66 to 74 degrees. For colder rooms, in the mid to high sixties, you can dress baby in pajamas and maybe even a body suit under the pajamas. For warmer rooms, dress baby in a short sleeve onesie under the sleep nest brand baby sleep sack. Baby should not feel hot or sweaty when you touch her neck, just comfortable. There are a large number of customer testimonials (www.babydeedee.com/testimonials) that describe how much clothing baby deedee customers are using under the sleep nest at various room temperatures and that provide helpful guidance.

Is the baby deedee sleep nest only for winter months?

The sleep nest can be a year round baby sleeping sack for those who keep their houses cool in the summer months as well. If your house is warmer in the summer, you can also try the sleep nest lite. Our sleep nest travel enables parents to go camping with their baby or to transition from the crib to the stroller without changing baby's clothing.

What is the TOG rating for the sleep nests?

baby deedee has a baby sleeping bag for all seasons. Our TOG ranges from summer sleeping sacks at TOG 0.6 to TOG 3.5 for the chilliest nurseries and camping with a baby.

What is the difference between the sleep nest lite and the the sleep nest basic?

Our Sleep Nest Basic and Sleep Nest Lite both have the same TOG. The difference is that the Sleep Nest Basic is...well...a little more basic in order to provide an even more affordable option to our customers.
The Sleep Nest Lite has a double layer of fabric with a logo interior and contrast piping while the Sleep Nest Basic has a single layer of slightly thicker cotton and finishing is simpler. 

Does baby deedee comply with the Consumer Safety Products Act (CPSIA)?

Yes, our products are tested by independent laboratories. They comply with the requirements mandated by the CPSC Standard for flammability of Clothing and Textiles under the Flammable Fabrics Act as well as with other CPSIA regulations and USA standards for baby sleep bags.

Is the baby deedee sleep nest chemically treated with flame retardants?

No, the baby sleep nest is not treated with flame retardants.

Why doesn’t the baby deedee sleep nest have sleeves?

We believe that this will help baby regulate her temperature better. Adults rarely sleep with their arms under a blanket or a quilt.

Care guidelines and sizing

baby deedee sleep nests are all machine washable, tumble dry low.


What happens when baby no longer sleeps in a crib? Can I use the larger size sleep nest ?

No, the sleep nest is for babies that are sleeping in a crib. However, our sleep kicker is a sleep bag with holes for the feet what can be used outside the crib or for early walkers.

Where is the sleep nest made?

All of our products are Made in India.