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baby sleeping in a sleep nest

What should baby wear under baby sleep bag?

Some babies require fewer layers than others, but as a general guideline, we recommend using the sleep nest in a room with temperature ranging from 67 to 74 degrees. For colder rooms, in the mid to high sixties, you can dress baby in pajamas and maybe even a body suit under the pajamas. For warmer rooms, dress baby in a short sleeve onesie under the sleep nest. Baby should not feel hot or sweaty when you touch her neck, just comfortable. There are a large number of customer testimonials that describe how much clothing baby deedee customers are using under the sleep nest sleepsack at various room temperatures and that provide helpful guidance.


Why a sleep bag may help your baby sleep better

The safest way for your baby to sleep in her crib is on her back. A baby sleep bag will not only help your baby stay warm through the night but it may also help her feel comforted. Many adults prefer to sleep covered with an arm out from under their blankets and we believe babies are no different. We receive many customer emails letting us know that their baby slept through the night or slept longer the first time they used the sleep nest.

Why choose baby deedee?

Baby deedee has been tested and reviewed by hundreds of parents, grandparents and caregivers. It is cozy like a quilt, soft and breathable. It is also in our opinion the most practical sleeping bag on the market. Its shoulder snaps and center zipper are simple to use and perfect to place a sleeping baby from your arms into the crib. We believe less is more and in our view this simple design is the best for easy access and diaper changes. We thought long and hard before be launched our product and tried many different options and came to the conclusion that the alternative wrap around zippers led to bulkier designs and become difficult to use once babies starts to stand.

What is TOG rating?

A TOG rating in a warmth rating used in the United Kingdom. In order to avoid baby overheating it is not recommended to go above a TOG rating of 4 (and UK houses are cooler than the average American home). Our baby deedee sleep nest has a TOG rating of 2.5 and the summer weight TOG is 0.6.


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