How Do Baby Sleep Sacks Work?

A sleep sack combines the best features of a blanket and a onesie. It's made to keep infants warm and snug without letting them kick off their blankets. Since some parents may be new to this bed accessory and hesitant to give it a try, here are some facts about sleep sacks.

They keep the baby warm while they sleep.

Basically, sleep sacks are wearable blankets. It keeps the babies warm all through the night but without the risk of suffocation. In sleep sacks just like our Sleep Nest Original, babies could move freely and still stay covered and warm whatever sleep position they want.

Babies can't kick them off while they sleep.

If your baby is prone to kicking off his or her blankets while sleeping, you can be rest assured that this won't happen with a sleep sack. Sleep sacks are easy to use. Just place it over your baby's head, tuck under their arms, zip up around their body, then place them down on the bed or on their crib! This makes putting your little one down for naps or bedtime much easier than using traditional blankets which require constant adjusting throughout the night due to shifting positions. Much like our Sleep Nest Kicker.

They come in many different fabrics.

From cotton to polyester to wool, each material has its own benefits and drawbacks. 

Cotton is soft, breathable and comfortable for babies– but it can be too hot for baby's skin on warm days. 

Polyester is warm and moisture wicking (so it helps keep babies dry), but not very soft like cotton; it may also irritate sensitive skin if you choose a fabric that's too thin or made with harsh chemicals like vinyl. 

Wool is another option. Although it doesn't breathe as well as other materials, wool is quite warm while still being breathable.

They have an inverted zipper for easy diaper changes.

This can be very useful if you have a baby that doesn't like being changed and is always trying to keep their diaper on as long as possible. For instance, our Sleep Nest Teddy makes it easy to change nappies without worrying your baby might get cold especially in the winter.

Sleep sacks are a great way for parents to ensure that their baby is safe and warm while they sleep. They can be used from birth through toddlerhood until children are big enough to handle their own blanket. For quality sleep sacks, you can count on baby deedee.