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light weight

The baby deedee cotton light weight baby sleep bag sack is a wearable blanket for infants and toddlers aged 0-36 months. This lightweight wearable sleep bag for babies is intended to be worn over your baby’s regular sleepwear and replaces traditional blankets and sheets. We offer the sleep nest lite, a luxe version with  double-layered soft Indian jersey cotton or the sleep nest basic, our most affordable baby sleeping bag. Perfect year-round baby sleep bag for air-conditioned rooms or warmer winter nurseries.

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Our winter weight baby sacks are easily wearable baby blankets in their own right! Small sizes (0-6 months) are 22-26” and support between 10-18 pounds. Medium (6-18 months) are 25-32” and can support between 16-26 pounds. Finally, large ones (18-36 months) measure 31-39” and can carry between 25-35 pounds

We offer many winter weight baby sleep bags, including our popular sleep nest model. A quilted, wearable duvet that is comfortable yet practical, it removes the need for blankets and helps provide your baby with the warmth they need. We also have our baby deedee sleep nest tee available as another heavier weight sleep option for your baby. Designed with an all-jersey cotton shell and adorned with adorable patterns, don’t be surprised if your baby doesn’t want to take it off! Unique shoulder straps have been added to make it easy to securely place your baby, while the breathable fabric helps ensure that your baby remains as warm as they need to be.