Our Story

From baby sleeping bag, baby wearable blankets to sleep nests, it's always top priority for moms to find the right sleeping clothes for babies.

As parents to three, we wanted a way to keep babies warm without having to worry about SIDs, or making sure they slept comfortably though the night despite climate or basal temperature changes. That's why we created Baby DeeDee.

We started out by designing our own sleep sack for Adrian when he was born in 2008 — otherwise known as Baby Deedee —and then followed with the lighter weight sleep nest lite for the spring and summer months, and adjacent sleepwear using only the best and softest materials.

We wish for all young ones and their wonderful parents to sleep soundly, and dream big at any time or place!

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Our Happy Customers

Both (my children) have slept through the night and I credit this in part to the sleep nest. It provides them the security and signals sleep as it is a part or our bedtime routine every night.


Our 6th month old daughter wasn't sleeping through the night anymore after moving her from cradle to the crib, but now she is so warm and cuddly she actually sleeps through the night- hallelujah!

Grace S.