quilted winter-weight sleeping bags

sleep-nestWearable blanket with a woven cotton exterior.

sleep-nest-liteFaux fur sleepnest teddy. So cozy and soft!

sleep-nest-teeMeet our sleepnest tee with its soft quilted cotton and adorable prints.

fleece mid-weight

sleepsieHigh quality soft polar fleece.


videoWatch how easy it is to use our sleep nest.

cotton lighter-weight

Two layers of tee-shirt cotton baby sleeping bag.

warm quilted cotton pj’s

sleep-pillowCozy and warm footed baby pajamas.

cotton short and long sleeve

sleep-quiltIndian cotton romper pajamas.


sleep-sheetOversized quilts for toddlers.

No more blankets

The Sleep Nest is a baby sleeping bag, also called sleep sack. It replaces loose blankets in the crib so your baby will stay covered through the night.

Our baby sleep bags come in 3 sizes, from zero to 36 months and are designed in a cocoon-like shape to help baby feel comfy and secure while sleeping.

Made from high quality Indian cotton the Original duvet Sleep Nest offers a warm, cozier and more breathable alternative to fleece sleepwear. The sleep nest also exists in quilted jersey cotton and faux fur versions or in lighter weight single layer polar fleece or cotton <view more>

It’s a snap!

We believe that our wearable baby blanket is the most practical on the market.

Our unique center zipper + shoulder snaps design on all sizes makes it easy to place a sleeping baby in the Baby Deedee Sleep Nest brand sack without waking her and is also great for standing toddlers. All our products use super quiet high end YKK zippers so baby won’t wake up at the sound of the zipper.

Easy zip baby sleepwear

Baby deedee continues to launch products that makes parents’ lives easier. Our romper pajamas all have a zipper in between the legs that enables parents to change diapers without all the snaps, while keeping baby’s top half warm. Available as quilted winter footies and lighter weight footless pjs <learn more>

The baby deedee philosophy

baby deedee is a mom-owned company, founded with a desire to provide high-quality, practical baby pajamas, sleepwear, and bedding that makes bedtime better for baby – and makes life just a little bit easier for mommy and daddy, too!

No more struggles to get your baby or toddler into pajamas and ready for bed! baby deedee designs safe and comfortable sleepwear and bedding that is also stylish and fun for kids to wear. We offer a range of infant, baby, and toddler sleep gear including baby sacks, baby footie pajamas, long-sleeve and short-sleeve footless pajamas, as well as toddler sleeping bags, blankets, quilts, and more.

Safe and cozy infant sleepwear

baby deedee’s premium infant sleepwear and newborn baby pajamas are also designed to mitigate the risk of SIDS. As a mom-owned company, baby deedee understands that when you lay your infant or baby down to sleep, you want to feel secure in knowing that you are doing everything in your power to keep your baby safe and healthy. baby deedee sleep sacks replace the need for loose blankets to be placed in the crib, which is one of the leading risks of SIDS and unsafe sleeping conditions for your baby.

If your baby constantly wakes up throughout the night, if your baby constantly wakes up crying, if your baby just doesn’t seem to want to sleep – we offer baby deedee as your solution. From our home to yours, we hope to provide you with your child’s new favorite pair of pajamas – the ones that will help settle them to sleep, that they will beg to wear every night, regardless of your laundry schedule!