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7 Tips for a Smooth Summer Pregnancy

7 Tips for a Smooth Summer Pregnancy

You don’t have to be worried about suffering through the summer heat when you’re pregnant. There are plenty of ways to keep cool and have a smooth summer pregnancy. With a little preparation and these seven simple tips, you will be able to enjoy venturing outside and getting the most out of your maternity months. 


Light and Loose Sleepwear

Getting a good night’s sleep is so important during pregnancy, but the humid summer heat makes it an added challenge to rest and recharge at night. Loose sleepwear made of lightweight, breathable cotton can help expectant mothers have a comfortable, re-energizing sleep no matter the temperature outside. Once the baby arrives, a Sleep Nest Lite brand summer sleep bag does just the trick for a cozy and restful night.  


Adjustable Sandals

To combat ankle swelling that often comes with pregnancy, wear sandals that will allow you to adjust the straps. Just make sure they have adequate ankle support and decent treads to optimize your comfort and safety.


Avoid Intense Peak Hours

Try to plan your day around those peak hours of the day when the sun is most intense.  You can head outside during the cooler morning and evenings to avoid that exhausting humidity.


Hydrate Often

Dehydration is dangerous when you are pregnant. So, make sure to always carry a bottle of water and even a spritzer of water to give you a dose of hydration throughout those hot and humid days.


Pack Fruit Drinks

Nutrient-rich fruit smoothies or low-sugar fruit drinks are also handy to help you keep up your energy levels throughout the day.


Moisturize Often

Some women are susceptible to dry, itchy and stretched skin during pregnancy. Ensure you apply a moisturizer throughout the summer months to help relieve any irritated skin. Better yet, use a combined moisturizer with SPF when traveling around through the summer months to also help protect your skin from harmful UV rays.


Take a Swim

Taking a refreshing swim in a pool can help cool you down and take some weight off your legs. It’s also an excellent way to squeeze in some light and enjoyable exercise by yourself or with some friends.

Many women dread the idea of being pregnant during the summer months - especially in locations where the heat and humidity can be overwhelming. But getting that fresh summer air is beneficial, along with that dose of Vitamin D. By integrating these tips into your daily routine, you can learn to enjoy your summer pregnancy and embrace those summer months before the baby arrives.

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