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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Baby Name

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Baby Name

If you think preparing for a baby is difficult, just wait until it comes time to choose a name for the little bundle of joy! There is such great responsibility involved in choosing a name for your little one. It is something that they will keep with them for their entire lives, and something they will use every single day.

What if they don’t like it? What if children in school make fun of their name? What if they don’t look anything like their name and you’ve made a horrible mistake! These are all common questions and anxieties that parents-to-be go through when trying to narrow down a name for their new arrival. Before you stress out too much, here are some questions to ask yourself prior to the baby’s birth that may help guide you through your decision-making process.

Do you wish to include a family name?

Some people like to name their children after a notable member of their family. This can be done via first name or middle name and can be a great gesture to the person whom the child is named after. If this is going to be the case for you then congratulations, your job is easier than most!

Make a list of “absolutely not” names

It can be easier to determine what you don’t want to name your baby than to agree on what you do want to name him/her. Have each parent prepare a list of names they absolutely do not want to choose and present it to each other. This lets you rule out any possibility for miscommunication and let’s you move on to a mutual agreement sooner.

Check the world news

Has anything noteworthy happened in the year of your child’s birth? Is there any one public figure that stands out to you as being fantastic and worthy of remembering via your child’s name? Think of your heroes or prominent public figures you respect. It can be a great honor to name your child after someone who has impacted your life, even if you have not met them personally.

Consult a baby name book or a baby name website

This consultation can be done for two reasons; first, to find a name, and second, to find names to steer clear of. If you want your child to have an original name for their generation you should have a working knowledge of what the current popular names are so that you can steer clear.

Consider the initials

Something that many parents forget to do is to spell out their child’s potential initials and see if they spell anything funny or even obscene. You can spell a lot of words with 3 or 4 letters depending on how many middle names you wish your child to have. Be mindful that your child will be carrying this name through grade school and high school, so choose wisely!

Consider the popularity of a name

When searching for the perfect name, be sure to consult the current popular names as well as those from the past few years. If there is a high probability that several of your child’s classmates will have the same name, it could be worth considering a wider variety of naming books and popular names from past eras to ensure your child has a unique name.

Naming your child can be fun and stressful all in the same breath. But don’t stress too much about it; whatever name you choose, your child will make it their own.

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