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Warning Signs That Your Baby is Overheating – and How to Prevent it!

Warning Signs That Your Baby is Overheating – and How to Prevent it!

As winter zeroes in on us yet again, we make sure to keep our babies warm – but keep in mind infants have a harder time regulating their body temperature. Overheating is a serious problem that can occur. Here are some tips to help you keep your child only as snug and warm as they need to be.


What are the Warning Signs of a Baby Overheating?


There are several things to watch out for as a parent of an infant or toddler that indicate a high body temperature – if they feel warm to the touch, for instance, then it’s a sign that baby is too hot (be sure to check their chest, back, and neck while they’re sleeping and throughout the day on occasion). Rapid breathing is another sign of them overheating, as well as fever without sweating. Also, if they happen to have red skin with a combination of any of these symptoms, it’s a major indicator of baby’s body temperature being too high.


The Right Baby Sleepwear Makes a Difference


Babies who sleep in their crib benefit from warm baby pajamas that avoid being overly thick but provide lots of comfort and airflow. Baby sleeping bags are also great solution – we’ve got loads of them in stock for all sorts of sizes! Our baby sleeping bags do not have sleeves. This enables baby to stay warm without overheating.


What Other Solutions Are There?


Aside from keeping baby comfortable in clothes and fabric that isn’t too hot and breathes properly (be sure to remove extra layers if not needed), there are other ways to prevent or reduce the dangers of baby overheating. Providing plenty of liquids (breast or formula milk before 4 months, and water if older than 4 months) is key to lowering their internal body temperature to safe levels.

When it comes down to it, you can never be too careful about your baby’s sleeping arrangements and comfort. The right clothing and environment can play a role in affecting your infant or toddler’s internal body temperature, and there are ways to lower it if they’re running too hot. When in doubt, be sure to speak to your doctor or, if there’s no time to lose, call 911! If you’re careful about how baby warms up, how much airflow they have, and whether any warning signs are present, you and your baby will sleep more soundly at night!

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