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Why Outdoor Play Is Important for All Ages

Why Outdoor Play Is Important for All Ages

It may seem obvious but sometimes we are so overtired that we forget how important it is to get outside with our children. Apart from the first few weeks where some pediatricians recommend limiting exposure to germs before the first immunizations, adults and babies alike really need that outdoor time.

Outdoor play promotes wholesome development, both physically and cognitively for everyone – especially infants. That’s why outdoor play is important for all ages. Taking your toddler out to explore the outdoors also helps their development of fine motor skills, coordination, and flexibility. Read on to learn more about why time spent playing outdoors is important for your children.

Critical For Cognitive Development

For many parents, the idea of taking their baby outdoors can be a nerve-wracking idea, with the fear that their little one might get injured or sick.  But those first years are when your child is soaking up every sound and sensation around them. They process new textures, sounds, scents, and sights. The first three years of development are when brain synapses form at a rapid rate, which are shaped from your baby’s sensory experiences around them. This is why outdoor play is most important for their cognitive development. The stimulation from the outdoor environment helps them learn and grow.

Encourages Basic Motor Movements

In addition to cognitive development, the prenatal stage up until the age of five is when the brain acquires a foundation for basic motor skills. Being outside gives them interesting experiences and stimulation to look at. Crawling around in the grass, playing with different materials and having things to pull themselves up are all important in helping them develop those muscles and coordination for movement.

Enjoy Fresh Air and Natural Environment

Taking your infant outdoors helps them foster pleasant feelings towards play and builds appreciation for the natural environment as they continue to grow. Of course, being in the fresh air is also important and beneficial to their health and well-being. But adopting feelings of care and respect towards their environment and nature is something that often stays with them as they continue to grow into their adulthood years later on.

Interaction and Expression

When kids are outdoors, they’re able to run around, get messy, jump, shout and express themselves without being as limited by their indoor environment.  They get the freedom to enjoy self-expression, while also interacting with other infants and people. This can help them foster good social skills and confidence also as they continue to grow.

Sleep Right, Play Right

The energy to play and explore outdoors starts with a good night’s rest. Help your baby have a better night sleep this summer with Sleep Nest Lite brand sleep bag, short-sleeve footless cotton romper pajamas, and breathable cotton bedding sets.

Taking your infant outdoors to play doesn’t have to be a scary experience. No matter the age, we all greatly benefit from being outdoors. And during those first initial years of life, it’s more important than ever for virtually every aspect of both physical and cognitive development. So this summer, make time to get outdoors with the family and enjoy the fresh air!

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