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At baby deedee, we know all too well that your baby’s comfort doesn’t just depend on their pillows, sheets, or jammies. That is why we also provide convenient and affordable baby accessories for your infant or toddler. Our baby accessories, like the rest of our products, are designed not just to be baby-friendly - but also parent-friendly! For example, baby deedee booties are easy to clean and keep looking brand new, simple to slip on, and impossible for your baby to take off! Never before has providing your infant or toddler with maximum comfort and a good night’s rest been so easy.

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Are you looking for something to keep your baby’s feet warm during the cooler months of the year? Look no further than baby deedee’s booties! These super soft, faux fur booties are available in five exciting color schemes: Ivory, pink, blue, dino, and silver-mauve. They include many unique features to keep your baby not only snug and warm but also well protected against slips and tumbles.

We also have the baby deedee blankie - the perfect addition to your baby’s life. It pulls double-duty as a receiving blanket and a stroller blanket. Our blankie provides the perfect year-round weight, and is perfect for everything from a spring walk in the park to snuggling with soft music on at home!

Sleep Nest Travel from $42.50 USD
Warm Baby Booties $15.00 USD $21.95 USD
Baby Deedee Blankie $15.00 USD $25.00 USD
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