Sleep Nest Basic


The softest sleep sack your baby will ever need!

The baby deedee Sleep Nest Basic is perfect for you! It’s a lightweight wearable blanket for babies and toddlers, which makes it ideal for summer slumbers, or all-year-round in warmer nurseries. It’s also rated 0.6 TOG and is recommended for room temperatures of 70-80°F. The sleeve length and thickness of the baby’s sleepwear should be adjusted accordingly.

Cocooning Comfort
Our Sleep Nest Basic comes in a variety of sizes and colorful patterns to brighten up your little ones’ life. The cocoon-like shape will help them feel warm, cozy, and secure in their crib as they sleep throughout the night. 

Safe and Soft
Our baby deedee sleep bags are also safe wearable blankets, which replace loose blankets in the crib. Plus, our baby winter sleepwear is 100% cotton and is as soft as your favorite tee! Perfect for air-conditioned homes.

Unique Shoulder Snaps
Snap your baby into their nest sleep sacks seamlessly or take them out while they remain asleep. For smoother diaper changes, we’ve included a oversized and extra quiet, high-quality, reverse zipper that you can tuck away. 

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