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No More Blankets - Convenient Baby Sleeping Sack is Here!

The sleep nest is an award winning baby blanket sleeper sack - also described as a baby sleep nest or sack. It replaces loose blankets in the crib, ensuring that your baby will stay covered through the entire night. The baby deedee sleep nest is perfect for transitioning away from swaddling because it can't be unwrapped like a blanket. Your baby stays cozy and warm in the sleeping sack, no matter how much they wiggle during the night. Made in India from high quality materials, the baby deedee sleep nest will become a favorite for you and your baby!

Easy to Use Baby Sleep Bags - Designed with You and Your Baby in Mind

Placing a sleeping baby in the baby deedee sleep nest brand sleep bag without waking him/her is a cinch. With our patented unique center zipper and shoulder snaps, we believe our sleeping sack wearable baby blanket is the most practical on the market.

Parents Rave About baby deedee! 

Here are just a few of our customers' reviews in recent months. 

"This sleep sack is amazing! Since getting this sack our little guy rarely wakes up. He never seems hot or cold. Just right!"


"Our 6th month old daughter wasn't sleeping through the night anymore after moving her from cradle to the crib, but now she is so warm and cuddly she actually sleeps through the night- hallelujah!"


"Both (my children) have slept through the night and I credit this in part to the sleep nest. It provides them the security and signals sleep as it is a part or our bedtime routine every night."


Convenient, Easy-to-Zip, Warm Baby Pajamas

Our romper pajamas all have a zipper in between the legs that enables you to change diapers without digging through layers of clothing or fumbling with all the snaps. Since you only need to open the bottom half, your baby's shoulders, chest, and tummy stays cozy and warm.