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Baby on the Way? Some Essentials You’ll Need:

Baby on the Way? Some Essentials You’ll Need:

When you’re a soon-to-be mom, there is so much you need to prepare for, like Lamaze class, late nights, and buying those first essential baby items. And when it comes to figuring out what basic items are necessary, it can really make your head spin. Knowing the difference between what you need versus what you can live without can really make your life easier, especially when you’re trying to budget. So if you’ve got a baby on the way, here are the essentials you’ll need:


Of course, your baby needs a place to sleep. One of the first things you should buy for your baby’s arrival is the crib. If you choose to use one that has been passed down make sure it meets today’s safety standards.  Choose a firm mattress.

Baby BathTub

Although it is possible to bathe baby in the sink at first, a specialized baby bathtub will make bath time much easier for you and your newborn. They are inexpensive and definitely worth it.


You can never have too many diapers as a new parent. So if you see them on sale at your grocery store, stock up! Avoid the newborn size, which many babies either never use or only for a short number of days.

Car Seat

Another essential you'll need with a new baby on the way is a car seat for your vehicle. An infant seat is often designed to be used up until the baby is one year of age depending on how quickly they grow.  They can be detached from their base in the car and clipped to a stroller to avoid waking baby.

Stroller or baby carrier

This really depends on your lifestyle. Some city moms will use mostly a baby carrier at first while moms who are in a and out of their car need a stroller or wheels for their car seat.


Depending on the season, you’ll really only need a bunch of bodysuits and warm baby pajamas if your child is born in winter. Anything else is not comfortable for a newborn. Avoid complicated clothes like baby jeans, dresses etc.

Baby Sleeping Bags

Having a cozy baby sleeping bag is also essential. This is a wearable blanket that will help your baby stay warm at night and during naps without any potentially dangerous loose blankets in the crib. The best ones come with shoulder snaps and zippers that make it easy to get your baby into the nest even while they are asleep.

We know what it’s like to be a first-time parent. It’s like a rollercoaster of excitement paired with a lot of stress. But being prepared with the essentials can help ease your worries by providing your baby with what they need. At baby deedee, we offer safe, comfortable and high-quality baby essentials like sleeping bags, pajamas, bedding, and accessories. Check out our selection online today!

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