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Creating a Safe Sleeping Environment for Your Baby

Creating a Safe Sleeping Environment for Your Baby

Sleep is so key for a family with a newborn, but it is often a great source of concern due to the existence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Here are some key ways any parent can create a safe sleeping environment for baby so that everyone in the house sleeps soundly!

Keep the Crib in Your Room for 6 Months to a Year

Studies have shown that keeping baby in your room with you but not in your bed reduces the risk of SIDS. You’ll also sleep better knowing that your little one is just a few feet away!

Place baby to sleep on her back and always in her crib

Never place your baby to sleep on her stomach, even though she may seem to sleep better. Sleeping on their stomach increases the risk of SIDS for babies. Also a crib with a firm mattress in the only way to go, babies can suffocate in your bed or on a couch.

Avoid Loose Objects or Bumpers

To make sure your baby is safe when she sleeps, it’s important to ask yourself whether they have any objects in their crib that could endanger them. Examples include loose blankets, toys, and similar items. Bumpers pose a suffocation risk.

Use a Baby Sleeping Bag

Consider tucking them into a baby sleeping bag, a warm substitute for a loose blanket. Snug and comfortable, baby can sleep on her back in the crib without any danger of getting tangled in sheets or getting cold. We have all sorts of different baby sleeping bags available in different Tog ratings, from our quilted winter-weight to fleece mid-weight and cotton light-weight versions, ensuring baby has the best and safest night’s sleep ever!

When it comes to keeping your baby comfy and snug while they slumber away, you can’t forget about safety. With these essential proactive tips, mommy and daddy can rest easy knowing that their little one is better safeguarded against safety risks. For super-soft, snuggly, and protective baby bedding and sleep accessories, check out our products today!

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