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Mental Preparations For Before Baby is Born

Mental Preparations For Before Baby is Born

Becoming a parent is rewarding, exciting, and yes - downright terrifying. And the days leading up to your baby’s arrival can be unnerving when you’re not quite sure what to expect. Feeling nervous and anxious is completely normal. To help you settle your nerves and get you ready for the big day, we recommend that you start mentally preparing yourself in advance. To get you started, here are five mental preparations for before your baby is born to get you in the right state of mind and more primed for the joys and challenges of parenthood.

Putting Your Needs on Hold

Not only will your body change, but your entire life will be transformed as you enter into motherhood. Your baby will soon become your number one priority, needing you morning to night for feedings, diaper changes and of course, pampering. There will be little time for anyone else but your baby. So before they are born, you should start mentally preparing to put your needs and wants aside and get ready to focus primarily on your new little love.

Altering Your Schedule

Another way to start mentally preparing for your baby’s arrival is to accept the lifestyle change that you are about to experience. Your weekly book club, date night, and cardio class are going to have to be put on hold for a while. And there’s no better time to start winding down your schedule than now. That way you can ease into to the transition from your current life more easily.

Getting Ready for Delivery

The thought of birthing can make anyone nervous and scared. But negative thoughts about delivery will only make labour a stressful experience. Instead, mentally prepare by studying how to relax yourself during labour and what effective techniques will help manage the discomfort during delivery. Reading other women’s positive birth stories can also be helpful and reassuring. Simply making an effort to calm your nerves may help more than you think!

Deciding How to Raise Your Baby

One of the more difficult parts of childbirth is deciding how to raise your baby. If this is your first child, it can be overwhelming trying to choose what child-rearing techniques will be best for you. Your partner may also have different ideas. So before the birth, you should start to talk this through with your partner. Being prepared in advance will help you better handle each situation when or if it arises.

Being mentally prepared before birth gives you the chance to work through your fears and concerns. It also provides time to research what you don’t know and understand so you can better handle it if it happens in the future.

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