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4 Reasons Why Baby isn’t Falling Asleep Quickly

4 Reasons Why Baby isn’t Falling Asleep Quickly

Having a hard time getting your baby to fall asleep? This is a common frustration among many new parents, so take comfort in knowing that you're not alone. It can take some time to figure out your baby's sleeping patterns and personal quirks, but there may also be other factors contributing to the issue.

Here we've pulled together the most common reasons why your baby isn’t falling asleep quickly, as well as some helpful tips to help improve their sleep cycle.

Getting in Sync With Natural Sleep Patterns

Your child has to be in sync with their natural sleep rhythms to get their best night’s rest. The main issue here is that newborns have cycles that are shorter than 24 hours long as their internal clocks are not fully formed yet. So, if they need to nap, it’s best to let them get the rest they need right away until you can help them develop a more structured sleep schedule. Of course, there’s not much you can do in the meantime, as this is something that happens over time!

Too Noisy

It can be difficult for your baby to fall asleep if they can hear all the fun and commotion going on around the house – just like an adult! You can try using white noise to help reduce the ambient sounds or just be sure to make an extra effort to keep the volume down to help them get to sleep more easily. Even when you think you’re being quiet, you’d be surprised at what they may be hearing.

No Established Ritual

A bedtime routine can help calm your baby down and prepare them for sleep. Try dimming the lights, putting on some calming music, and gently massaging or rocking your baby, for example. Once your baby is about two months old, you can start to establish a more predictable bedtime routine. This will teach your baby to go to sleep at the same time each night, as they will begin to recognize and associate the routine with sleeping.

They're Uncomfortable

Your baby needs to feel comfortable to have their best sleep. Most babies prefer a snug environment to fall asleep. One way to help your baby feel more secure is to dress them safely with a baby sleeping bag. These are like a wearable blanket that allows them to feel snug but with more freedom to move. These type of sleeping garments are also 100% safe, as they are secured to the baby and don’t allow for extra fabric to be of concern. We have a large supply of these here at baby deedee which we know your baby will love.

If you've been wondering why your baby isn't falling asleep quickly, it could be any one of these factors. Try to alter your patterns and routines. And when you need the best in light-weight and comfortable baby sleepwear to make them snug and safe for bedtime, check out the variety of items from baby deedee.

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