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5 Fun Activities for You and Your Toddler

5 Fun Activities for You and Your Toddler

Toddlers are bundles of joy and bundles of energy. They love to run around and explore everything and anything. That’s why finding ways to channel their energy into something specific and productive is important in aiding their development – energy-burning fun and imaginative games can really help. Here are five fun activities for you and your toddler to play that’ll allow you to embrace all of that energy.


When you need an activity that will help tire out your toddler’s never-ending stamina, one activity that’ll do the trick is bowling. Not only does it provide hours of continuous fun, but it also helps to develop your toddler’s motor and coordination skills. Best of all, it costs next to nothing to set up. You can quickly pick up a plastic toy set from your local department store or use a couple of water bottles and a small ball instead. Whatever you use – make sure you supervise!

Bubble Wrap Fun

Have any bubble-wrap to spare? Kids love hearing the pops and cracks of the bubble wrap and can play with it for hours. All you need to do is place it down on the floor and let them go to town while you supervise. But don’t forget to give it a try yourself! It’s a healthy way to release some tension while having a laugh with your little one.

Finger Painting

Let’s face it - all kids love making a mess. And when you have a toddler, most of your time is spent cleaning up after them. So why not find an activity where you can embrace the mess? That’s where finger painting comes into play. For about ten dollars you can pick up some large sheets of easel paper and non-toxic paints. You can set them up outside on the grass with some garbage to catch any drips.

The Hokey Pokey

Toddlers love following your lead. And during this crucial development period, simple games are the most comfortable way for them to learn. Playing the Hokey Pokey is an excellent way to teach them how to follow directions while having some fun at the same time.


Here’s one activity that will have everyone laughing. Freeze is a simple game that toddlers just can’t get enough of and parents find as equally entertaining. To play, all you need to do is turn up your child’s favourite music and dance until the music stops. Once it ends you’ll have to freeze in position. The first one to break their pose loses. Toddlers love this game - especially when parents join in on the fun.

Parents know that toddlers have plenty of energy to burn off, which is why having a variety of activities on hand is essential. You can keep them entertained and distracted with any of these fun activities that you and your toddler will love!

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