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Bootie Bonanza: Which are the Best for Your Baby?

Bootie Bonanza: Which are the Best for Your Baby?

As a new parent, it’s completely natural to worry and question just about everything that you purchase for your baby – especially when it comes to safety and comfort. And although not every question will have a definitive answer, there are some that can be tackled right from the get-go to ease your mind so that you can better understand what suits your baby best – like when purchasing their first pair of booties.

When it comes to these tiny items, how do you know which are the best for your baby? Booties are meant to keep your baby’s feet warm during the daytime and at night by trapping their own body heat easily to keep them snug. The problem with booties – whether hand-knitted by grandma or store-bought, is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. Also, without the right material, they can end up causing irritation to your little one’s sensitive skin.

So, when it comes to your bootie bonanza shopping spree, here are some tips to remember.

Different Materials that are Commonly Used

Being aware of any particular allergies or sensitivities that your baby might have is important to know when selecting the type of material used in the booties you purchase. Some of the most common materials that you’ll find available include wool, faux Sherpa, fleece, along with buttons and beads for decoration. Each of these has their obvious pros and cons when it comes to washing and the ability to stretch or fall of their little feet. Materials like Sherpa and fleece are popular since they are great at insulating heat, easy to clean and are extra soft and cozy.

Soles with Traction

An important point to remember is to try and select booties that have some form of traction on the exterior sole. It’s always safer to have, even if your baby isn’t close to walking around yet. It gives extra peace of mind knowing that their feet won’t keep slipping from under them even when you’re holding them on a surface.

Padded Soles

In addition to traction, you want your baby’s little feet to be as comfy as they can with padded soles. This will heighten their warmth and comfort considerably.

Keeping them on Your Baby’s Feet

Since this isn’t a great one-size-fits-all type of purchase, look for booties that have something designed across the top and/or heel to ensure that they won’t keep sliding off. You want them to look great but also be practical and functional primarily.

So before you head out to purchase your baby’s booties, remember these points to look out for when selecting them. And for booties, clothing, bedding and more, check out Baby deedee for baby items that you can count on to keep your little one comfy, warm and protected.

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