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Fun Indoor Games to try With Your Child

Fun Indoor Games to try With Your Child

There’s no better way to enjoy time indoors this winter than by cozying up at home with fun games and activities for your little one. If you’re searching for a few inspiring ideas, we’ve compiled a list of our top favourite fun indoor games to try with your child.

Little Drummers

We all love to make a little noise now and then, so why not get your baby in on the fun? Using whatever you have at home – bells, drums, rattle, spoons - play along with your little drummer with some happy, rousing beats to put a smile on their face. This also encourages your child’s coordination and listening development. Just make sure whatever your baby is using is child-friendly!

Go-Get Game

Babies love to explore and be helpful. With this game, you can create little errands for your child to do, like deliver a cup to another room, go get their favourite toy, find your shoes – or anything that requires them to complete simple tasks. This activity allows your child to learn how to follow directions and also gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Counting Together

As your baby develops, they become enamored by their fingers and toes. So turn this into a game for them. Teach your infant how to count out loud – whether it’s their toes, their fingers, bubbles, or even their toys. Touching objects while counting helps them develop this skill while having fun.

Playing House

House is always a great fun indoor game to play with your child. All you need is a big cardboard box - or if they have their own playhouse, even better! You can switch it up also by creating a cozy fort, and then show your child how to crawl in and out, while pretending how to mimic actions like ringing the doorbell, cooking up dinner, and letting their imagination run wild.

Dress Up Time

Using any old clothes, costumes, or items that you have hanging around in your closet, create a fun dress up game together. Let your little one explore items and pick out clothing to dress up in. This always results in giggling and encourages creativity and social development for your child.

Finding fun games to play indoors with your child is easy – all you have to do is use your imagination. Or, when you’re stuck for what to do, use these fun ideas to help inspire you to enjoy those precious moments you have together at home.

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