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Creating a Soothing Nap Routine for Your Infant

Creating a Soothing Nap Routine for Your Infant

Sleep is one of the most important factors for allowing your baby to grow up strong and healthy. But between their feeding cycles and frequent restless nights, it’s important to note that night-time is not the only moment when they gain their rest. As much as we’d love for their sleep cycle to be in total sync with ours, the fact is that whether it’s short interval naps or an extended snooze time they prefer, it’s important to follow some of your baby’s natural tendencies, such as this.  If you’re looking to create a soothing nap routine for your infant, here are some suggested methods to help them get the rest they need throughout the day.

Encourage Nap Time With a Soothing Environment


Babies need to have a soothing and comfortable environment to get that sound sleep. That means dimming the lights, pulling the blinds, reducing noise and having a cozy place for them to nap. It’s also important to take note of the temperature in the room that they’re napping in – this can greatly impact their comfort and sleep. Experts recommend aiming to have the temperature around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


Keep a Designated Napping Spot


Whether it’s in their room, or in another area of your home, try to keep nap time in one place. This allows them to get used to all of the elements that they will learn to associate with sleeping time.


Be Consistent With the Routine


Creating a soothing nap routine for your infant requires consistency in both the napping location and the schedule. Keeping a routine allows babies to fall easier into that pattern sleep. This can help make it much easier to get them to sleep and to stay asleep.


Create Rituals


Consistency in small rituals or actions before nap time can also be helpful for encouraging them to sleep. This can involve a cuddle and rocking motion, or any other rituals you enjoy that won’t stimulate or excite your baby.


Use White Noise or Music


If you’re concerned about noise throughout the day when your baby settles down to rest, using white noise can help to drown out any potential sounds that could waken them. Alternatively, soothing music can also be very effective at minimizing the effect of other ambient, loud sounds.

Developing nap routines for your baby is important as they grow. You can encourage nap time throughout the day by incorporating these steps to help give your baby that peaceful, restful sleep they need.

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