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Keep Baby Cool and Comforted at the Same Time

Keep Baby Cool and Comforted at the Same Time

A regulated body temperature is key to a snoozy night’s sleep, but trying to keep your baby covered during the night can be challenging. Newborns, babies, and toddlers like to move around a lot as they sleep, but you can have some success in keeping them cool, comfortable, warm and cozy if you dress them in a snuggly baby sleep bag. One baby sleeping bag that is specially designed for keeping temperature stabilized for babies is baby deedee’s Sleep Nest Lite brand sleep bag. It’s not only soft and snug but has plenty of benefits for your baby’s health as well. Here we look at how you can keep your baby cool and comforted at the same time with the Sleep Nest Lite.

Lightweight & Soft Materials

Your baby’s skin is so delicate. To ensure your baby doesn’t experience irritation, dryness, chafing, and rashes, you need to buy sleepwear with comfortable and lightweight materials. That’s why the Sleep Nest Lite is made of lightweight double layered soft Indian jersey cotton. Cotton is the perfect choice for your baby as it’s the ultimate soft material. A natural fiber, it won’t rub harshly against your baby’s skin, permits better aeration to keep your baby cool, is non-allergenic, incredibly durable, and can be washed easily.

Keeps Baby Snug

This lightweight cotton jersey is shaped just like a cozy cocoon and is designed specifically for infants and toddlers. It’s just like a sleeping bag for babies and is worn right over top of their regular sleepwear to keep them cozy and snug. With the Sleep Nest Lite you no longer have to spend money on blankets and sheets that your baby tends to pull off in the middle of the night.

Comfort for Any Temperature

To ensure your baby stays comfortable, you need to keep them at the right temperature no matter the temperature or season. Babies are unable to regulate their body temperature as effectively as kids and adults. Because they have more surface area by weight and not as much insulating fat, they lose heat quicker. So, the Sleep Nest Lite is the perfect addition to their wardrobe, as it can be used year-round in any temperature - keeping your baby warm in air-conditioned spaces through the summer.

Designed to Make Your Life Easier

The Sleep Nest Lite comes with unique shoulder snaps that make it incredibly easy for you to place your baby into the wearable sleep bag. You will no longer need to worry about struggling to get your baby into the slumber sack even when they’re asleep.

When looking to maintain your baby’s comfort all night long a snuggly sleep bag from baby deedee is the answer. Shop now!

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