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Adapting Your Child’s Crib for Summer

Adapting Your Child’s Crib for Summer

With the weather warming up, it’s time to starting thinking about adapting your child’s crib for the summertime. Keeping baby cool, comfortable, and cozy is a priority. Coming out of the cold winter months means it’s a good time to switch up your crib setting to ensure your child can still remain just as cozy, without overheating or fussing during nap time. To get your child’s crib summer ready, here are some tips to consider.

Use High-Quality, Breathable Fabrics

Even as adults, we enjoy being covered by at least a sheet during the summer months – we still want to keep cozy and comfortable. Well, the same thing goes for your child. Of course, infants need tight-fitting bedding that’s high in quality and breathable. Using fitted crib sheets like baby deedee’s 100% Indian poplin cotton sheets will keep your baby snug, comfortable and less exposed.

Cooler Pajamas

When it comes to adapting your child’s crib for summer, this also includes your child’s sleepwear. Once the weather starts to warm up, it may be wise to consider swapping out those warm, long sleeve PJs and footies for something lighter. Short sleeve pajamas can help regulate your child’s temperature and keep them more relaxed once the summer heats up.

Change Up The Crib Mobile

With the summer just around the corner, why not change up your crib mobile with a more summer-appropriate theme? The mobile is often an essential component for helping to distract and lull your child to sleep. So consider adding in fun, summer themes, like butterflies, birds, and cute animals above the crib.

Use “Blackout” Curtains

If the sun tends to glare in through the window in your child’s room, this can heat up the area quite quickly, making it uncomfortable for your little one to sleep. Consider installing thicker, “blackout” curtains in this case, which can keep the sun out during those peaks periods of the day while maintaining a cooler, comfortable temperature in their room.

Use Light-Weight Sleeping Bag

If your infant or toddler uses a sleeping bag or nest, you’ll need a lighter one for the summer. We recommend a Lightweight Cotton Jersey, which can be worn over your baby’s sleepwear and can be used in place of sheets and blankets. This ensures they’ll stay cozy, even when the air conditioner is on.

At baby deedee, we have what you need to keep your child comfortable during the summer and throughout the year. Visit our online store to get your child’s crib ready for the changing seasons!

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