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Bonding With Baby: Tips to Bring You Closer to Your Newborn

Bonding With Baby: Tips to Bring You Closer to Your Newborn

The connection you make with your newborn is something that will last a lifetime, and there are lots of ways you can go about achieving this—all of which should be tailored to your baby's personality and needs.

Finding out what works best for both of you can be a challenge, so let us guide you in the right direction by giving you tips on how best to bond with your newborn baby and create strong, lifelong ties. 

Skin to Skin Contact

Nothing compares to the feeling of a newborn's skin pressed against yours. Skin-to-skin contact, or kangaroo care, has many positive benefits for both you and your baby that go beyond the physical. 

First up: temperature control. Babies cannot regulate their own body temperatures yet, so keeping them close can be essential during their first few weeks of life. Wrap your little one up snugly in a swaddle or a fuzzy blanket and place him or her on your bare chest, where your body heat will warm them up and help them feel secure at the same time. Allow your baby’s tiny limbs to rest against yours—the gentle pressure will be soothing for both of you. 

Make Eye Contact

It’s important to establish a bond beyond physical touch. Subtle forms of communication can have a huge impact on the connection you have with your baby. One such form is making eye contact.

Simply look into their eyes while they look back at you and hold the gaze for several seconds. You'll find that your baby may even mimic your behavior, which is a clear indication that they recognize you as someone important in their life!

Soothe Your Baby Through Movement

How can you use movement to bond with your baby? Here are some tips:

  • Take a walk - Head outdoors for some fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature together. 
  • Dance - Put on some music and sway back and forth with your baby in your arms, or place them in a wrap carrier so you can have your hands free while you dance around the house.
  • Exercise -Try using light weights or modified yoga poses while cradling or holding your baby close to you.
  • Baby massage - Run gentle pressure over their arms, legs and back—your tiny human will love it!

Sing Lullabies and Rhymes

Singing is a powerful way to bond with your baby—rhymes and lullabies can help you build and deepen a connection.

Just like any other music, singing or spoken rhymes to your baby will help build their brain development.  The rhythm of a song or rhyme combined with the intonation of your voice is an incredibly powerful tool that can create lifelong connection and love.

Story Time and Reading 

There's something incredibly special about cuddling up with your newborn and reading stories, poems or nursery rhymes out loud to them. Not only does it help their language development, but it will also help create a strong bond between the two of you.

Keep it simple and read stories or passages that are short and have lots of repetition—this will help your baby's mind remember words and phrases for future developmental milestones. Stories also create a sense of order and safety for little ones, so it can be comforting too! You'll also discover fun new ways to interact with each other too - games such as peek-a-boo that open up conversations while developing essential thinking skills at the same time.

Socialize Through Outings

Socializing your baby is an effective way to bond and build a strong relationship. Meeting your baby's relatives, friends, and other children is important because it helps give your baby a secure feeling. It also boosts their immune systems. Taking short trips with your baby can also be fun and provide good quality time together.

When socializing with your newborn baby, it's important to keep in mind that overstimulation can cause them to get cranky or irritable, so make sure you take breaks in between activities and limit their time in one place to avoid this issue. Bundling them up using sleep nests and booties to make them feel comfy and secure.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the bond between you and your newborn baby. It’s sure to be a roller coaster of emotions, but it’s all gonna be worth it. Establishing a loving relationship with your baby is the best achievement you can ever have in this lifetime.

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