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Fun Holiday Activities for the Whole Family

Fun Holiday Activities for the Whole Family

The holiday season is finally upon us! As children grow, they become more aware of the holiday season and everything that comes along with it. There are many ways we can make the magic come alive for our children this holiday season, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do it. Enjoy the benefits of additional quality family time enjoying some of these fun-filled activities together.

Shop for a Local Charity

A huge part of spreading the holiday spirit is through helping others. Every city has their own way of helping those less fortunate and a long list of opportunities for you and your family to give back. Sign up for a holiday gift basket campaign, or a holiday toy drive, and take your kids with you shopping using the guidelines from your chosen local charity. This provides the opportunity for a great lesson in the humble art of giving back and could become an annual tradition.

Make a Gingerbread House

A timeless holiday activity that dates back generations – gingerbread houses are a great way to kick start the holiday season with sweet treats and family fun! Building the house together and decorating it with delicious colorful candy is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon together as a family. And, of course, eating your way through the building supplies is all part of the fun.

Bake and Decorate Holiday Cupcakes

You can’t have too many sweets during the holiday season. After you’ve put the gingerbread house out on display, consider making some holiday cupcakes. These are fun to bake together, mixing the batter and perhaps playing with food coloring and sprinkles, and then comes the decorating! Let your children explore their creative side with festive-themed cupcake decorating. This is a display from founder of baby deedee, Dominique de Bourgknecht’s family cupcake decorating from last year. It’s almost time to make another batch!


Take a Christmas Lights Tour

Christmas lights are a huge part of the holiday season! With their magical glow for all to enjoy, it’s no wonder that families make a tradition of taking walking or driving tours to see exceptionally decorated houses while they are lit up at night. It can really be a magical experience for all members of the family.

Attend Your Local Santa Clause Parade

Most cities play host to Santa Clause some time over the holiday season. Make it an annual event to get dressed up in your snow suits and watch the wonders of the parade bring joy to your children’s faces. Hot chocolate and a big blanket to share help bring the family together and make it an event to remember!

Christmas Movie Marathon

Get everyone in your family together along with a big bowl of popcorn and as much hot chocolate as you can handle and cuddle up in your comfiest pajamas under cozy blankets for a night of Christmas movie fun. The time spent with your family will give you the warm fuzzy feeling that the holiday season is all about.

Christmas is about family and friends coming together. Spend time enjoying family holiday activities with your kids and make memories that will last you a lifetime.

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