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Outings Your Toddler Will Love!

Outings Your Toddler Will Love!

Every day with your toddler feels like an adventure. The way their eyes light up when they see something for the first time, the way they laugh when they find the most mundane thing funny, and the way they touch, smell, and taste everything that comes across their path. And let’s face it, as parents, we really can’t get enough of watching them grow up — just so long as they do it slowly.

If you’re looking for a few places to take your toddler to brighten their day and expand their world, check out these five outings your toddler will love!

The Beach

Kids just love exploring the beach. That’s because there’s so much to see, feel, and do. Bring your little one here, and you’ll spend all day watching them enjoy playing with the pails and shovels, squishing the sand between their hands and toes, and splashing their feet in the cool water. Just make sure you put sunscreen on all their exposed parts, a hat on their head, and keep them hydrated throughout the day.

Zoos & Aquariums

You’ll get a kick out of seeing your little one’s eyes light up when they step into the zoo or aquarium. Everything is brand new to them here — all the different animals and fish and their unique habits, and also the smells and sounds. It’s a world of wonder for your toddler. Be sure to bring a stroller on your adventure, as they’ll likely need a place to rest every few stops.

The Local Park

Childhood is all about playing in the park. And your toddler will create wonderful memories playing on the jungle gym and in the sandboxes, especially if there are other kids there too. Playing at the park can also help them to develop their gross motor skills, physical strength and also their problem solving and communication skills.

Kiddie Pools

The kiddie pool is an excellent place to take your toddler. Most children are highly fascinated with the features of water — it’s unique colour, temperature, movement, and fluidity are all very captivating to them. Also, don’t be afraid to get in there with them and show them how to splash, blow bubbles, and push around the fun and colourful water toys to add to their experience.

Children’s Museums & Libraries

While there are many all-ages museums and libraries that your children will love as well, taking them to children-specific venues is sure to bring smiles to their faces. Children’s libraries and museums are full of activities, books, and things to do that are meant to entertain and engage your children specifically. If you like to see your children marvel at new ideas and learn new things, look no further!


Children love to sing, whether they’re at home on the couch singing along with their favourite TV show or singing along with you in the car. But did you know that you can likely find children’s sing-along events in your community? These are an excellent way for your children to have fun and meet new friends!

When it comes to finding outings your toddler will love, sometimes the most ordinary places for us are what delight them the most. Don’t be afraid to take them around and show them the world!

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