Glow In Dark

Safer Than Blankets

Our white sleep nest comes with a glow-in-the-dark zipper

No more struggling with the zipper at bedtime! Glow-in-the dark zipper makes it easy to open and close the sleep nest without flipping on the light.

Night Light Make sure baby is sleeping on her back by checking in with the glow in the dark zipper.

One of a kind The baby deedee quilted sleep nest brand baby sleeping bag is truly unique.

Baby deedee glow-in-the-dark-zipper produces a very soft,gentle glow so it will not be a distraction even for older babies. Only Baby deedee white sleep nest comes with glow in the dark feature.

About the baby deedee sleep nest

The baby deedee sleep nest with shoulder snaps is a zippered sleeping bag for babies (also called baby sack or baby sleep sack which is safer than blankets). It keeps babies warm and comfy while sleeping in the crib and is intended to be worn over regular sleepwear. These infant sleeping bags replace traditional blankets that could be kicked off, therefore keeping your baby at a constant, comfortable sleeping temperature.