0-6 months

A full range of products for newborns. Our popular sleep nests will help parents get through those sleepless nights without worrying about loose blankets in the crib.

Soooo cozy

A cocoon-like environment. Our baby sleep bag is quilted and breathable and keeps newborns warm year round without overheating. Small babies have less body fat than older babies and need a bit of extra warmth. From 10 lbs and up. read more>

Comforting cocoon shape

Unique cocoon shape provides a cozy environment. Babies sleep better when they stay covered throughout the night. Parents sleep better knowing baby is comfy and secure.

Replaces swaddling

Our sleep nests are a great alternative to swaddling for parents who are concerned by the recent controversy surrounding this practice. It can also be used after the swaddling stage to keep baby cozy and warm.