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Tips to Prepare Your Toddler for a New Sibling

Tips to Prepare Your Toddler for a New Sibling

When a new baby arrives, your family will experience a wonderful transition. Making sure your toddler is prepared for a new brother or sister is incredibly important. How your child learns to get along with the new sibling can set the pattern for how he or she will develop social relationships. You can help to guide your child through this life change with these simple tips for preparing your toddler for a new sibling.

Tell Them When You’re Showing

It’s best not to tell your toddler about the baby too early as they won’t have the skills to understand time frames and it will be confusing for them. It’s much easier if they can see the transformation of your body and you can help explain what’s happening. The last tri-semester when your belly is showing is usually an appropriate time.

Show Them Pictures

Use your child’s baby album to explain all the stages from birth to becoming a toddler. Using pictures from books to help explain what they can expect is also helpful. You should also show them the ultrasound pictures, and let them feel your belly when the baby kicks.  

Buy Extra Gifts

As friends and family come to visit the baby, they may bring gifts. This may upset your toddler or cause unintentional rivalry, so pack up some gifts you can put to the side in case for your toddler. Also, have your toddler unwrap the gifts and give it to your baby. It’s a great way to help them learn how to share from a young age. We make a range of products and accessories that are great gifts for infants and toddlers alike, including the Sleep Nest Lite cotton sleeping bag and Sleepsie Quilted soft cotton pajamas.

Help Them Feel Important

It’s normal for the baby to receive lots of attention. And in order to avoid jealousy, give praise to your toddler and make them feel as special to you as the baby. You can also assign them helpful tasks like passing you diapers and bathing the baby with you.

Create Special Time

Make sure to give your toddler some special time for just them and you. Maybe after you put the baby down, read a book or play a game with your toddler so they know they are just as important.

Talk About Big Kid Benefits

Your toddler will be a little jealous of the attention and may want to be babied a little. You can curtail this with talking to your toddler about all the great things they can do that they baby can’t just yet. Focus on the big kid benefits and your child will realize that being a big kid is better.

With some preparation, you can be ready for your toddler’s reactions to their new sibling and know how to act appropriately. Just remember to be patient, and take the time to listen to their feelings. And in no time, you’ll see your siblings forming a long lasting and beautiful relationship.