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Better Toddler Sleep: Dealing with Crib Antics

Better Toddler Sleep: Dealing with Crib Antics

Life as a parent is constant teaching and reinforcement of lessons taught. Some lessons are quickly learned, while others take more attempts in order to perfect. No matter the pace, children always come around in their own time with our love and support.


Crib vs. Big Kid Bed

One of the more challenging milestones to overcome is the transfer from sleeping in a crib to sleeping in a big kid bed. Children spend the first few years of their lives being safely contained in their cribs, unable to climb out and join the party when it’s past their bedtime. But there reaches a point in every child’s life when the urge to escape the safety of their crib overcomes them and they learn how to climb out!

Children who have been accustomed to sleeping in a baby sleeping bag usually don’t attempt climbing out of the crib. It simply doesn’t occur to them!

However, if your child does not use a sack for sleeping and has figure out how to get out of her crib it may be time to transition to a toddler or twin size bed.

Toddler Bed Training

If you choose to begin the big kid bed training process, brace yourself for some interruptions in the night. The easiest transition method is to take the removable side of the crib off and create the toddler bed out of their existing crib. This will make the transition from no freedom to total freedom a bit easier as they still have the comforts of their own crib surrounding them and may help them to fall asleep faster.

You can start by discussing a few days before how exciting it will be to sleep in a big girl or big boy bed. Baby deedee offers and toddler sized quilt that is larger than most baby quilts and is perfect to keep your child warm during this phase and embrace their new open bed.

It might take a few nights, weeks or even months for a child to sleep through the night once the “walls come down,” but the key thing to remember is to always walk your child back to their own room. Do not give into your own lack of sleep and allow the child to come sleep in your bed. This will set a pattern that is very hard to break. If your child really keeps on getting up you can try installing a baby gate in her room’s the door opening and leaving the door to her room partially open.

Better Night’s Sleep for Toddlers

Whether your child stays in a crib or transfers to a big kid bed, you want to help them get the coziest sleep possible. In the comfort of baby deedee brand sleep bags, pajamas, baby bedding,  and baby accessories, your toddler will settle into warm and cozy sleep routine in no time.