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Making it Through Teething Woes

Making it Through Teething Woes

Teething can be painful for your young child will go through, but thankfully is short lived for most children.

When does teething start?

Teething is something that starts at a different time for every baby. Some children don’t see their first tooth come through until they are over a year old, while others can see them appearing after only a few months. Don’t worry if your child doesn’t have a mouthful of teeth by a certain age, but if you feel compelled to speak to your child’s doctor about it, they may help put your mind at ease. One thing is certain, however: whenever they come, they will be painful.

How signs and symptoms of teething differ

Children will show different signs of teething, and no two children are guaranteed to be the same. Some may experience a fever while others get a diaper rash. A few symptoms that are fairly consistent with children are the urge to chew on anything and everything coupled with intense drooling. Some children hardly sleep at all when they are teething, and you can hardly blame them considering what they’re going through, while others may sleep more than what they normally do. One thing you can count on is complete unpredictability!

How can I help the pain?

There are some topical ointments that are safe for children’s gums during this process, however be sure to follow the instructions and not to administer too strong of a dose for your little one. Simple things such as frozen teething rings and frozen wet washcloths are great for soothing little aching mouths. Older children may enjoy chewing on a frozen bagel or teether.

Some people swear by amber bracelets. It sounds harmless as long as they don’t present a choking hazard of any kind and are removed when the child is alone in her crib.

One thing that has always worked for generations to help soothe a baby from teething pain is lots and lots of cuddles! Little ones don’t understand why they are going through the all of the painful steps of teething, and you can’t explain it to them. But you can be there to offer extended cuddles and plenty of kisses. Remember that every child goes through it and that they will be fine and over the pain before you know it.  

Teething is affecting my baby’s sleep – help!

As your baby deals with the pain of teething, it is normal for their sleep to be interrupted. They are likely to feel the pain more at night when there are no other distractions. You can do is try to make your baby as comfortable as possible at night. Although our baby sleep bags, Sleep Nest brand sleep sacks, and warm baby pajamas won’t solve the teething they make for more comfortable nights for your young child.